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There are a number of important bonsai supplies that will help keep your tree healthy and strong, while also adding to its beauty and artistic flair.

Some supplies are essential for the health and growth of your bonsai while others are simply accessories that will complement the design and make caring for your tree much easier.

Bonsai Soil

Using the proper soil is important, but the mix you choose will depend on the type of tree as well as the climatic conditions. Needs will vary from plant to plant, and the necessary components for an indoor bonsai will be different than those needed for a plant being grown outdoors.

Basically, the best soil will be a mix of both organic and inorganic compounds, usually including such things as aggregate, sand, fired clay, shale, peat moss, bark, or leaf mold compost.

When choosing a soil, you will want to consider four important aspects:

  • Water retention abilities
  • Drainage capabilities
  • Aeration
  • Nutrients

Before making a purchase, you should do some research to find out what mixture is best for your particular tree and environmental conditions.

Bonsai Fertilizer

Most bonsai soils are not the best at retaining nutrients and some of the shallow growth styles and containers limit root depth, so it is essential that you give your plant a good quality fertilizer.

Some bonsai will have very specific nutritional needs, so you should find out what will work best for your plant. As well, the type of fertilizer you use may depend on whether you bonsai is inside or outdoors. Some fertilizers attract harmful bugs and insects so they may not be the best choice for outdoor use. Similarly, other options may have an offensive odor, so you won't want to use these inside your home.

A plant confined to a pot cannot search for its own nutrients, so it depends on you to provide it with everything it needs to stay healthy and beautiful.

Bonsai Fertilizer

Bonsai Wire

Wire is used to keep branches in place when shaping and forming your bonsai. Two choices are available – copper or aluminum. Aluminum is easier to use, but copper is stronger and is often the best choice when working with larger branches.

Bonsai wire is sold in different thickness, depending on the size of the limb you will be training.

Potting Mesh

Potting mesh is also called drainage mesh, and it is recommended that you use a kind specifically designed for bonsai as other types can be too thick or inflexible.

This mesh is used to cover the holes in the bottom of pots or containers to limit soil loss, keep insects from entering, and prevent over-watering that causes root rot and other illnesses.

Wound Sealant

Wound sealant may also be labeled “cut paste”, and is applied after pruning or cutting to aid in healing and prevent drying out or infection.

Bonsai Pot or Container

Your bonsai container can be any size, color, shape, or material. It is part of your masterpiece and will reflect your vision for style, form, and expression. It is meant to promote health and growth as well enhance artistic beauty.

Make sure to choose a pot that is appropriate for the type of tree, the environmental conditions, and the finished work you are hoping to achieve.

Bonsai Turntable

Bonsai Turntables

While these are not necessary bonsai supplies, they will make working on your trees much easier. They will also allow you to turn your trees for viewing or rotate your bonsai so the entire plant receives adequate light throughout the day.

Turntables can be very simple and practical, or they can be quite ornate and may actually be used to complement the bonsai style and aesthetic appeal.

Decorative Bonsai Supplies

Your bonsai tells a story and you can bring this narrative to life with decorative bonsai supplies that will complete your living work of art. You can use such things as unique rocks, mosses, or even miniature ceramic figurines to add those eye catching finishing touches.

Bonsai supplies will ensure that your tree stays healthy and beautiful so it can provide you with years of enjoyment and pleasure.

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